Back to School

Back to School

Our bags are designed to be used for multiple occasions, and school is certainly a great example of one of those places where our bags (especially the ones highlighted here) are the perfect companion.

Whether you’re off to Uni, or have kids starting reception, I’m sure you’ll find the right bag - right here!


Firstly we have the water-resistant Strathmore rucksack and mini Strathmore rucksack. With a quirky anti-theft design, the main compartment is against your back instead of away from it.

Then we have our new ‘Sling-It’ bags in bubblegum pink, bold green, camel and burgundy, which I am loving! They can be worn multiple ways and will be perfect for Autumn.

We will also have some striped sling style bags launching this weekend, available in pink or navy and resemble a school uniform material! 

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