The Story Behind Our Brand - Celebrating Six Years

The Story Behind Our Brand - Celebrating Six Years

Hi there! Whether you're a long time fan, or have only recently stumbled upon us, I wanted to tell the story of how Katherena came about.


After graduating from University with a degree in Fashion Promotion, I landed my dream job as an assistant stylist (working with Kylie Minogue)! However, I struggled living alone in the big city and wanted to move back home to my friends and family in rural Norfolk.


I knew that there were absolutely no jobs for me there in fashion so I decided to look into creating my own brand. My Dad had his own case manufacturing company, so I had grown up being interested in his business and businesses in general.


Long story short, I had an idea to create a women's bag inspired by my Dads storage cases, and the Hollycroft Trunk Clutch became my first ever product - which my Dad and I handmade ourselves in the early days! We flew to China with our handmade samples and met with factories to see if they could produce them for us, which obviously they could and at a much quicker pace!



6 years later, I'm still designing bags, but with a focus on more functional everyday styles like our popular rucksacks.


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